The wellness division of the St. Ambrose Office of Wellness and Recreation promotes healthy lifestyle choices through information, resources, and events for students, faculty and staff. 

The six dimensions of wellness (social, intellectual, emotional, physical, environmental, and spiritual) are integrated to create a well-rounded program to encourage individuals to grow and achieve their full potential.

Wellness is about balance. Because all of the dimensions of wellness are equally important, no single dimension should outweigh another. A truly well individual is confident in saying that he or she feels that each of the dimensions of wellness are being fulfilled.

For everyone, wellness is a lifelong journey. The resources on this website can provide you with the information and guidance you need to feel comfortable in your own body and environment.

Student Wellness

Bee Well

Bee Well is a Student Wellness Program designed to help students maintain a balance between six dimensions of Wellness.

Departments around campus offer various services to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Click the links below to find out more.


Being physically active, eating healthy, taking care of your body.

Wellness and Recreation
Campus Dining
Health Services


Dealing with stress, your thoughts, feelings and behaviors

Counseling Center
Health Services
Wellness and Recreation


Ability to interact with people around you and develop relationships

Student Activities
Wellness and Recreation
Residence Life


Finding meaning and purpose in human existence

Campus Ministry
Counseling Services


Understanding your impact on nature and your personal environment

Beecoming Ambrosian (formerly Urban Plunge) - Annually during Welcome Week
Bee the Difference Day - Annually in November

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