Green Life

Green Life is SAU's environmental club and we are dedicated to educating and spreading awareness about local, national and worldwide environmental concerns.

Our mission is to promote an environmentally-friendly way of life that will maintain a healthy Earth for years into the future.

We've hosted several campus-wide cleanups, led efforts to reduce food waste and coordinate an end-of-the-semester food drive in each residence hall. Last academic year, we collected and donated more than 1,200 pounds of food to the Riverbend Food Bank. 

We partnered with other campus groups to assemble and install a bat box on campus and planted the first pollinator garden on the university grounds. And, we organized and moderated a roundtable discussion on climate change after a public screening of the film Paris to Pittsburgh. More than 120 community members, local leaders and environmental professionals attended.

We also go "plogging" (picking up litter while jogging) to raise awareness and spark other students to get involved, too. 

We are active members of the Sustainability Committee, which is leading SAU's sustainability initiatives and promoting stewardship of the natural environment. 

The work we do is recognized and is making a difference. In fact, two of our members were named "Future Leaders of Conservation in the Quad Cities" and received the Oberholtzer Award and a $1,000 scholarship each from the Nahant Marsh Education Center. Read this story

All students are invited, and encouraged, to join. For more information, email

Green Life

We promote an environmentally-friendly way of life that will maintain a healthy Earth for years into the future. We are active, involved, and committed. All students are welcome.

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