Skill-Based Competency

Along the path to achieving an education, St. Ambrose University is there at every step.

Whether it's health care, adult education, teacher education, or business, SAU has established itself as a leading provider of higher education.

Now, we are proud to be the first in the region to offer Microcredentials, an innovative way of gaining skill- and sector-specific knowledge.

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Digital Badges

Certification of Skillset Knowledge

The digital badge is an electronic certificate with information about when and how the badge was achieved.

Unlike a traditional academic transcript and paper certificate, the digital badge contains more details and explanation about the achieved skillset. Those details, called metadata, show the course or training that was completed as well as the testing and rubric to demonstrate competence.

Additionally, your digital badge is a graphic file that can be displayed on a resume, website, or professional social media account such as LinkedIn.

Additional Information

Admission Criteria and Enrollment

Each Microcredential has its own set of admission criteria.

If the Microcredential involves taking credit courses, the student will apply to St. Ambrose University as a Non-Degree seeking student.

If the Microcredential only involves non-credited course work, the student does not need to apply for admission to St. Ambrose University.

Cost and Fees

The cost for completing a microcredential is based on whether the courses are credit or non-credit.

Students taking courses for credit will pay the per-credit tuition rate (unless the program offers a different rate). See University tuition and fees

If in the future the student wants to use the academic course(s) as credit towards a degree or stack the Microcredential towards a degree, a transcripting fee will be charged to convert the course to academic credit.

To account for the assessment of the skill or competency, there may be an additional fee.


Courses to complete a Microcredential will be either on campus, online, or a combination of both.

Refer to each Microcredential web page for more information.

Current Offerings


The Epidemiology Microcredential, offered through the Master of Public Health program, focuses on building either quantitative or qualitative skills to improve health and social services systems and programs via action-based-research.

This online microcredential will enable those working within the field of health and human services to become stronger practitioners and researchers.

Click here for more details

Digital Marketing

Participants will learn various aspects of digital marketing when working across a spectrum of employment areas and business types.

From small business to large corporations and from a marketing specific role to general business, obtaining this certificate will put participants at an advantage in the workplace.

See more details about the Digital Marketing Microcredential

Data Analytics

While earning your Data Analytics Microcredential, you will learn how to think with data and apply statistical concepts and computing to convert data into solutions and insight. This critical insight is essential to industries and companies that use big data to inform their decisions.

Learn more about the Data Analytics Microcredential

Human Resources

This certification combines real-world experience, discussion, and instruction in an interactive format that allows participants to leave with the skills needed to have an immediate impact on their day-to-day influence and performance.

In addition to the in-person sessions, participants complete a capstone project over the course of the program. 

Learn more about the Human Resources Microcredential

Project Management

Project management is essential to executing business strategy effectively. It enables companies to focus resources on a necessary change and keeps them all moving towards the same goal.

Companies need skilled project managers who know how to apply a process framework and lead resources through a controlled project delivery.

Learn more about the Project Management microcredential

Trauma-Informed Care

Learn about the neurological, psychological, biological, and sociological research around trauma in order to promote resilience in others through inclusive, empathic, and compassionate interactions, policies, and practices.

Learn more about the Trauma-Informed Care microcredential


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