Zachary Carlisle, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Carlisle teaches Introduction to Sociology and Sociological Theory courses. Dr. Carlisle's research and teaching interests focus on the following sociological areas:  Sexual Violence, Gender, Sexualities, Stratification, Research Methods, Youth and Homelessness, Health Inequalities, Sociological Theory, Sport and Social Psychology.  

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Education and Training

  • PhD, Oklahoma State University, Sociology
  • MA, University of Nebraska - Omaha, Sociology
  • BS, University of Nebraska - Omaha, Philosophy

Dr. Carlisle is currently using qualitative data to study men's experiences with sexual violence.


Carlisle, Zachary T., and Rachel M. Schmitz. 2023 (Online first). "How Can I be a Man, and be Raped? Men Making Sense of their Experiences with Sexual Violence." Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Estes, Michelle L., Zachary T. Carlisle, and Rachel M. Schmitz. 2022. "‘Those are Typical Tell-Tale Signs of a Lesbian': Young Adults' Discussions of Gender Nonconforming Behavior." Journal of Family Issues.

Carlisle, Zachary T., and Rachel M. Schmitz. 2021. "Hidden in Plain Sight: Men's Lived Experiences with Sexual Violence as College Students." Journal of Men's Studies.

Schmitz, Rachel M., Jennifer Tabler, Zachary T. Carlisle, and Lexi Almy. 2021. "LGBTQ+ People's Mental Health and Pets: Novel Strategies of Coping and Resilience." Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Schmitz, Rachel M., Zachary T. Carlisle, and Jennifer Tabler. 2021. "Four-Legged Mental Health Resources: The Power of Pets in The Lives of LGBTQ+ Young People Experiencing Homelessness." Sexualities.

Carlisle, Zachary T., and Michelle L. Estes. 2020. "Safety in Numbers? A Qualitative Analysis of the 1999 National Firearm Survey." Qualitative Report.

Courses Taught

SOC 101 - Introduction to Sociology
SOC 325 - Sex & Gender
SOC 301/CRJU 400 - Sociological & Criminological Theory


Zachary Carlisle

Criminal Justice/Sociology
Ambrose Hall 300C
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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