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Chris Barnum

Director, MSCJ Program | Professor

Professional interests include racial disparity in police traffic stops, social identity theory, statistics, and others.

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Education and Training

  • PhD, MA, BA, University of Iowa, Sociology

Areas of Professional Interest

  • Racial Disparity in Police Traffic Stops and Use of Force
  • Arrests and Incarceration
  • Social Psychological Processes of Stereotyping
  • Small Group Processes
  • Power, Justice and Deviance
  • Social Identity Theory
  • Theory Construction in Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Statistics
  • Quantitative Research Methods


Barnum, Christopher C and Robert Perfetti (under review): "Public Perceptions of Crime and Racially Biased Policing." Criminology

Barnum, Christopher C., Sandra A Quinn and Nicholas Manrique (2012): "Racial Disparity in Iowa Prisons: A Preliminary Examination." Race and Justice. Vol. 2, No. 2. 71-92.

Barnum, Christopher C., Walter Kurth, Robert Perfetti and Nick Richardson (under review): "Categorization and Implicit Cognitive Bias in Police Traffic Stops." Crime and Delinquency

Barnum, Christopher C and Robert Perfetti (2010). "Race Sensitive Choices by Police Officers in Traffic Encounters: Three Conceptual Models." Police Quarterly 13: 180 - 208.

Barnum, Christopher C. (2011), "Efficiency in Continually Operating Public Organizations: A Case Study. Public Personnel Management. 40: 279 - 292.

Barnum, Christopher C. Nick Richardson and Robert Perfetti. (in press), "The Relationship Between Underage alcohol Possession and Future Criminal Behavior." Sage Open.

Richardson, Nick and Chris Barnum. (2010), "The Effect of Communicative Impediments on Interpersonal Attachment and Deviance." Current Issues in Social Psychology Vol. 15: 12.

Barnum, Christopher C and Barry Markovsky, 2007. "Group Membership and Social Influence." Current Issues in Social Psychology. Vol. 13:3.

Kalkhoff, Will and Christopher Barnum, 2000. "The Effects of Status and Social Identity in Task Groups." Social Psychology Quarterly. 63: 95 - 115.

Book Chapters
McLeer, Jennifer, Jake Frederick, Barry Markovsky and Chris Barnum 2011. "Open Interaction Coding" In Ed Lawler and Shane Thye (eds.) Advances in Group Processes. Greenwich Conn. JAI Press.

Barnum, Christopher, 2006. "The Effects of Status and Group Membership Modeled in a Graph-Theoretic Setting." In Ed Lawler and Shane Thye (eds.) Advances in Group Processes Greenwich Conn. JAI Press.

Barnum, Christopher, 1997. "A Reformulated Social Identity Theory." In Barry Markovsky, Michael Lovaglia and Lisa Troyer (eds.) Advances in Group Processes. Greenwich Conn. JAI Press.

Courses Taught

Advanced Statistics
Advanced Research Methods
Juvenile Delinquency
Senior Seminar in Sociology
Social Psychology
Statistics 213
Justice, Planning and Leadership
Administration of Justice
Criminal Justice Seminar
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Introduction to Law Enforcement
White Collar and Organized Crime
Crime Prevention
Public and Private Security
Crime Policy Analysis


Chris Barnum, PhD

Criminal Justice
Ambrose Hall 306
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

MS in Criminal Justice

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