Timothy Yara

Lifelong Learning Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Network Administration and Computer Network Security, Class of 2018

"SAU offers outstanding majors that are specifically driven to the technology field. Within the industry, you will be using the skills you learn in the courses. That's what helped me get where I am today, working for the leading software company in the world."

Tim is living his dream. It wasn't always easy, but at SAU, he never journeyed alone. Our faculty challenged him to examine every aspect of the field and build new skills, and they supported Tim when he struggled. His holistic education, drive, and academic success led to a highly-exclusive internship in Chicago and post-graduation, a full-time position. He is an enterprise systems engineer for SAP, a leading global software company.
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Tim completed his first internship with SAP the summer before his junior year. They asked him back for a second internship, and before graduation he had a full-time waiting in downtown Chicago. Tim says his education provided him a foundation in the liberal arts, which gave him an edge over other candidates. And, his IT courses provided a challenging and comprehensive education that he uses, and builds on, every day in his career.


How relevant is your SAU education to your position?

A Perfect Fit

"My sophomore year I had a PowerShell class and it wasn't my favorite course. I struggled through it. But in today's world, all I use is PowerShell, so that class set me up for a great future. I literally still use some of my old course notes." Our Computer Information Science programs are spot-on for developing the skills you’ll need to excel in the field now, and in the future.

Computer Information Sciences


How did the faculty support your educational and professional goals?

"One of my struggles as a student was opening up and letting my professors know I was struggling in some of the classes. They never once gave up on me. It is such support that helps you succeed in life and shows you they really care," he says. We know there is a reason you seek and education, and like Tim, we won’t let you give up on your goals.

How do you carry that support forward in your career?

"Every day I try to help someone," he says. "What I learned my first year at SAU was how many people were willing to help me. The culture I discovered at SAU, it was amazing. Once I got to campus, everything just opened for me and it felt like I was home. I was home."


What do you love about your job?


"It is everything I wanted to do since I was younger. The culture of the company and working with other tech-driven minds motivates me to continue developing and moving further in this industry. Technology is never going away, and I know all I can do is go higher from here. I am excited to see what my future brings."

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So, what's next?

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