Wreetu Sieh

Master of Public Health, Class of 2022

I felt confident that the SAU MPH program was exactly what I needed to develop professionally.

Wreetu Sieh set out the change the world, but wasn't sure just how to accomplish that. Then she found the SAU Master of Public Health program and began working not only toward earning a graduate degree, but also toward equipping herself with knowledge to make a difference wherever she goes.

Home Town:

Monrovia, Liberia

wreetu sieh

Why did you choose SAU for your MPH degree?

To Change the World

I've always had a desire to change the world around me with no specific plans. I was fortunate to have a few diverse Public Health experiences prior to pursuing my master's, including volunteering and service learning trips. At the rise of the pandemic, homelessness increased in Philadelphia, along with other unfortunate incidents. This caused me to apply real life thoughts, plans, and actions into how I could equip myself to be a solution. I started feeding some individuals and providing things to keep them warm. I thought, "how can I make this sustainable? How can I do more?" When I read the overview of the SAU MPH program, I loved it. This program offers a person-centered approach and professors with wonderful backgrounds at a global level. It seemed packed with real world experience, academic learning, and support. I felt confident that the SAU MPH program was exactly what I needed to develop professionally.

What's the best part of the MPH program?

The wonderful professors, reason being that they encourage, support, and provide wonderful learning opportunities in such a unique way. One of my professors during the first term really strengthened my pathway for the entire program. One remarkable thing he said was to be intentional about all you do. He provided great feedback on how we as public health professionals could approach complex problems we are passionate about. It feels like you have a teacher and a mentor all in one.

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How do you plan to make a difference after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to get more field experience with my MPH degree and work closely with children by removing barriers preventing them from functioning at their fullest potential. I also plan to explore various populations as opportunities arise.

Master of Public Health

Protect and Educate

Public health works to protect the health of entire populations, ranging from local neighborhoods to entire countries and regions of the world. Public health professionals work in multidisciplinary teams to identify root causes of health problems and to develop solutions to improve access to health care and reduce inequities.

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