Nick Vasquez at Piano

Nick Vasquez

Lifelong Learning Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Arts in Music, Class of 2017

"At a small university you get a lot more 1-on-1 time with your advisor and professors, but the accessibility really made my experience special."

Personal attention and guidance from SAU faculty, and a solid, hands-on education prepared Nick for his career as a professional musician who also shares what he was given: Nick encourages and teaches aspiring musicians at the River Music Experience (RME) in Davenport.


Des Moines, Iowa

nick at keyboard

Why did you choose SAU?

Lifelong Learning

At SAU, your education is based in the classroom and the community, which allows you to discover and pursue your full potential throughout life. "The Ambrosian values of the liberal arts and community definitely were a big part of my education, but I would say lifelong learning resonated with me the most. For me, following a career in music means I have no other choice than to keep growing as a musician as well as a person," he says.

SAU Values

What made your SAU education valuable?

Nick says it was our faculty. "Obviously, at a small university you have a lot more 1-on-1 time with your advisor and professors, but the accessibility really made my experience special. I loved having my teacher answer the questions I had, rather than a teaching assistant or other faculty member."

Dedicated Music Faulty

How did you grow as a person within the SAU community?

"I had a very well-rounded academic, and social, experience. The balance and encouragement on both sides of the spectrum helped me grow responsibly," Nick says.

Student Life at St. Ambrose

Why Choose the Music Program?

Performance Opportunities

At St. Ambrose University, our stage is open to all students, from the minute you enroll until you graduate. As a first-year student or as a senior, you can join one or more of our performing groups: Symphonic Band, String Ensemble, University Chorale, Chamber Singers, Jazz Combo, Bella Voce, Bee Sharp, and STAMVOJA (vocal jazz ensemble).


So, what's next?

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