Katie Zorn

Academic Excellence Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, International Business, and Theology, Class of 2015

"St. Ambrose made me a well-rounded person and I don't think I'll ever be able to give back as much as SAU gave me."

When Katie talks about her Ambrosian experience she describes a community that values academics, professionalism, spiritual life, and personal growth. With us, you will get an education rooted in the liberal arts and Catholic Intellectual Tradition, and so many opportunities to discover your path in life.
katie with parents

Current Occupation:

Cost Accountant at HNI Corporation in Cedartown, Georgia

Why SAU?

Comprehensive Education

"SAU taught me more than just the knowledge and skills to be a Cost Accountant at HNI; I learned how to be in a professional environment, how to give an effective handshake, how to give presentations, and how to work on a team," Katie says. Our College of Business programs offer a comprehensive education experience. Learn skills in the classroom; intern at a worldwide corporation; attend a lecture by a top business leader; network with your peers and employers; create a resume and hone your interviewing skills at the Career Center.

Professional Guidance For Your Career

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What about SAU made your college education worthwhile?

"The sense of community at SAU really enhances the value of the college education. At Ambrose, you get learning both inside and outside of the classroom; you grow as a person," Katie says. We are a community of diverse learners who value inquiry, discussion, and critical thought. We respect and support each other, our community and the world. This is the 'Ambrosian' experience and it makes your education unique.

How did you grow as a person within the SAU community?

"Intellectually, I learned the knowledge and skills to excel in my profession. My spiritual life was deepened by Sunday mass and the retreats I attended. Socially, I met many friends with whom I believe I will have lifelong friendships," Katie says.

Student Life

So, what's next?

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