Junyi Dong

Assistant Professor

Dr. Dong is an assistant professor in the Math Department. 

She teaches core and upper-level mathematics courses. Her speciality is in statistics and the application of mathematics to real world situations.

Dr. Dong is a member of the American Mathematical Society.


  • PhD, Binghamton University, Mathematics
  • MA, Binghamton University, Mathematics
  • BS, Quinnipiac University, Accounting

Dong, J. and Yu, Q. (2019). "Marginal Distribution Model Checking Tests for Generalized Linear Model." Communication in Statistics-Theory and Methods.

Dong, J. and Yu, Q. (2019). "Marginal Distribution Tests for Checking Proportional Hazards Model Assumption." Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference.

Yu, Q., Dong, J., and Wong, G. (2017). "Diagnostic Plotting Methods for Proportional Hazards Models with Time-dependent Covariates or Time-Varying Regression Coefficients." Open Journal of Statistics.

Yu, Q. and Dong, J. (2016). "Generation of Pseudo Random Numbers and Estimation Under Cox Models with Time-dependent Covariates." Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation.

Courses Taught

Elementary Functions
Modern Probability and Statistics
Statistical Modeling
Advanced Data Science
Ethics of Data Analysis
Linear Algebra

Service to Community

Volunteer at UpChieve
Volunteer at Legacy Church


Junyi Dong

Ambrose Hall 418
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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