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Il Woo Cho


Dr. Cho's research interests include free probability, operator algebra and theory, combinatorics, and groupoid dynamical systems.

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Education and Training

  • PhD, MA, University of Iowa
  • BA, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea


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More About Dr. Cho

Courses Taught
  • College Algebra
  • Calculus: pre, I, II, and III
  • Elementary Functions
  • Business Math
  • Trigonometry
Conferences and Seminars

Chapman Univ. Conference, 2017 Signal Processing & Linear Systems, Nov. 2017
Title : Semicircular Elements Induced by Orthogonal Projections on Separable Hilbert Space: Signal Processes with Stochastic Data?

Seoul National University, Korean Operator Theory Annual Conference (KOTAK), July 2016
Title : Semicircular Elements Induced by p-Adic Number Fields

Univ. of Iowa, Prof. Yangbo Ye's Number Theory Seminar, Oct. 2014
Title : Graph-Zeta Functions and Applications

PARC Workshop 2013: Operator Theory and Its Application @ Seoul Nt. Univ., June 2013
Title : Non-Archimedean Banach-Space Operators over Adelic Structures

Seoul National University, PARC Seminar, June 2013
Title: Free Probabilistic Models and Representations on Arithmetic Functions

FIC, CASA with Chief Inspector) June & July, 2011

Seoul National University, PARC Operator Theory Seminar, June, 2011
Title : Distortion on Histories

Seoul National University, Operator Theory Mini Seminar, June 2011
Title : Index Semigroup and their Actions

Univ. of South Dakota, Dep. of Math.) Mar., 2010 : 1-hour talk
Title : Distorted Histories

Research and Development Team of Korean Airport Corporation), July 2009 : 4-hour lecture
Title : Space Modulation Factors and Wave Patterns

Seoul National Univ., June 2009 : 2-hour talk
Title : C*-Subalgebras Generated by a Single Operator in B(H)

Assumption High School, Davenport, Iowa, Mar. 2009
Title: Math? Why? How? What?

Fractal Measure Workshop, Univ. of Iowa, Hosted by Prof. P. Jorgensen), Feb. 2009

Seoul National Univ.) Jul., 2008 : 2-hour talk
Title : Directed Graphs and Hilbert Space Operators

Groupoid Fest, University of Iowa) Nov 2007 : talk
Title : Graph Groupoids and Corresponding Operator Algebras.

GPOTS 2007 May, 2007 : Small-Talk
Title : Graph Groupoids and Corresponding Von Neumann Algebras

Seoul Nt. Univ., Prof. W. Y. Lee's Operator Theory Seminar, July 2006
Title : Von Neumann Algebras Induced by Finite Directed Graphs

SIDIM, Univ. of Turabo, Puerto Rico, Feb 2006 : Small-Talk
Title : Graph Measures and the Corresponding Measure Theory

St. Ambrose University, Feb 2005 : Small-Talk
Title : Free Semigroupoids and Graph Groupoids of the Given Countable directed Graphs

MAA and AMS Annual Joint Meeting, Jan 2005

East Coast Operator Algebra Symposium, Oct 2004

Seoul National University, July 2004 : 1-hr talk
Title : Amalgamated Free Distributional Data and Some Good Examples

KOTAC (Korea Operator Theory and its Application Conference), June 2004

GPOTS 2004 (Great Plain Operator Theory Seminar), May, 2004 : Small-Talk
Title : Graph W*-Probability Theory

COSy (Canada Symposium of Operator Theory) May, 2004 : Small-Talk
Title : Moments of the Generating Operator of (L(F_2)) *_L(F_1) (L(F_2))

INFAS (Iowa-Nebraska Functional Analysis Seminar) 2002 (Spring)

INFAS (Iowa-Nebraska Functional Analysis Seminar), Fall 2001

KOTAC (Korea Operator Theory and its Application Conference), 1998

Monographs and Books

Representation of Arithmetic Functions and Free Probability (2015). Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN-10: 3659385697

Monograph : The Index Semigroup Induced by Finite Trees, (2011) LAPublisher. ISBN: 978-3-8465-9015-7.

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Book (Multi-authors) : Graph Fractaloids: Classification & Application of Graph Groupoids with Fractal Property, (2010). Chapter: HandBook on Classification and Application of Fractals NOVA Publisher. Invited Article (a Chapter) of the above Book ISBN: 978-1-61324-198-1.

Monograph : Operations on Graphs, Groupoids, and Operator Algebras, (2010). ISBN: 978-8383-5271-8 LAPublisher

Monograph : Frames on Graphs and Corresponding von Neumann Algebras, (2010). ISBN: 978-3-639-24020-7 VDM Publisher.

Monograph : Free Calculus on Operator Algebras, (2009) ISBN : 978-3-8383-2519-4 LAPublisher.

Monograph : Distorted Histories, (2009). ISBN : 978-3-639-21083-5 VDM Publisher.

Monograph : Graph Groupoids and Partial Isometries, (2009). ISBN: 978-3-8383-1397-9 LAPublisher

Monograph : Fractals on Graphs, (2009) ISBN: 978-3-639-19447-0 VDM Publisher.


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