St. Ambrose University Kokjohn Endowment

Rev. Joseph E. Kokjohn, PhD

Reverend Joseph E. Kokjohn ‘50, was a dedicated English professor at St. Ambrose University for almost twenty years; in addition to working in the registrar's office, as vice president, for four months he also served as interim president of the university. Fr. Kokjohn devoted his life to giving back. While serving as pastor at St. Patrick's parish in Clinton, Iowa, Kokjohn convinced community business leaders to fund the construction of housing for the elderly, amongst many other charitable endeavors. Most notably, Fr. Kokjohn made the largest-ever contribution by a priest or staff to St. Ambrose University.

"He gave back his life. He gave everything he earned at St. Ambrose back to St. Ambrose," said Ed Litting, PhD, former vice president for advancement.

Endowment For Catholic Peace and Justice

With the intentions of Rev. Joseph E. Kokjohn, the endowment is targeted at students, faculty, and staff who want to support projects consistent with Catholic Intellectual Traditions and Catholic Social Teachings.

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