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The College of Arts and Sciences is central to the instruction, research, and mission of St. Ambrose University.

The College provides students with the insights and values of a classical liberal-arts education, as well as the skills and dispositions they will need to meet the challenges of today's workplace.

Highly-dedicated faculty support students' intellectual curiosity and independence through dynamic degree programs that foster unlimited possibilities for discovery and growth.

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There are many opportunities throughout the year for students to experience learning in their disciplines and faculty to expand their scholarship. These experiences offer a wide diversity of interests and talents.

Some examples include:

Worker Bee
Tim Yara '18

Tim is living his dream. It wasn't always easy, but at SAU, he never journeyed alone. Today he is an enterprise systems engineer for SAP, a leading global software company.

Our Programs

Interdisciplinary Minors

Interdisciplinary Minors complement majors by allowing students to explore an interest as well as delve further into broader subject matter.

For example, a student majoring in Women and Gender Studies who wants to work in community outreach for women's shelters might benefit from choosing a minor in Leadership, Justice and Peace Studies, or Pre-Law.


Brittany Tullis, PhD, Interim Dean

Administrative Assistants
Theresa Barber
Cindy Peters

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