Cost of Attending

Tuition and Scholarships

In order to receive an I-20 from SAU, an international applicant must show proof of funds that exceed the Cost of Attending the university for an academic year.

Please send copies of bank or financial statements showing a total liquid balance that exceeds the yearly cost of your academic program to Use the Declaration of Finance Form (pdf) to help you with this process. Select your program from the dropdown menu to see the total cost for one year of studies. Admitted undergraduate students may include their SAU scholarship in calculating the total proof of funding needed.

Academic Year 2023-24 – On Campus, per year

Tuition $35,318 varies
Fees $280 $280
Room and Board* $12,348 $12,348
Additional Estimated Expenditures** $4,054 $4,054
SAU Scholarship*** -$12,000 to -$23,000 n/a
Estimated Total Cost of Attending $40,000 $16,682
(plus tuition)

*Room and Board costs are based on the average cost of traditional housing options and a 14-per-week meal plan.
**Additional expenditures are average estimated costs and are not guaranteed.

Additional Estimated Expenditures 2023-24

Plane Ticket USA – $1,200
Books, Supplies, Personal – $1,554
Medical Insurance – $1,300
TOTAL = $4,054

Financial Guarantee

Students financially sponsored by a government scholarship program (e.g. SACM) or other agency (e.g. Fulbright) need to submit a financial guarantee in order to receive their I-20. The financial guarantee must state that the provided funding has been approved specifically for the student's enrollment at SAU. Initial scholarship or award letters with no mention of SAU are not sufficient. We will issue acceptance to qualified students who have completed all academic requirements so that they may acquire the guarantee.


2023-24 Declaration of Finances [Updated 11/17/22] (pdf)

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St. Ambrose University offers scholarships to all admitted undergraduate applicants on the basis of their academic and extracurricular achievement.

Admitted international applicants will be notified of their academic scholarship amount via email along with digital copies of their acceptance letters.

***Academic scholarships available currently range from $12,000 to $23,000 per year.

The best practices for reducing expenses include renting or buying used textbooks, booking flights in advance, and working on campus. SAU also offers additional scholarships for art, music, theater, and athletics. We have many international student-athletes who are contributing and growing their skills as valued team players. Most recently, we launched a collegiate esports team, and players can qualify for scholarships based on performance and ability.

See below for additional information about all of your scholarship opportunities. If you have questions on how to qualify for a specific scholarship, please email

Scholarships and Grants

General Information

For academic/merit-based awards, eligible students are matched to the qualifying award; some of them are listed below.

You may also qualify for a scholarship or grant for your talent in the fine arts or athletics. 

Fine Arts scholarships are based on performance and ability in art, music, or theatre. Audition or portfolio may be required.

Athletic scholarships – including those for eSports – also are based on performance and ability, and the award varies. Marching Band scholarships are now available. 

Give us a call or send an email so we can get to know you and find the best package for you. You're also encouraged to seek outside scholarships and begin that search early.

We've provided more information below. 

SAU Scholarships

There is no need to apply for the scholarships or grants below; students are automatically are eligible if they meet specific criteria, although some may require a certain GPA to stay eligible.

Academic Scholarship (First-Year Students)

Transfer Scholarship

Athletic Scholarships

As a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), St. Ambrose can award athletic scholarships to student-athletes. These scholarships allow you to earn a college education while competing in the sport that you love. At Ambrose, we embody the value of developing both the mind and body.

How do I qualify for an athletic scholarship?
You must first be eligible to play a sport at St. Ambrose. You can read about those qualifications here. The NAIA also has a complete website on how to register for eligibility at

Outside Scholarships

There are many opportunities to receive scholarships from outside sources, here are a few websites to begin researching your options:

Another tip: Next time you're on campus, check out the bulletin board outside Student Financial Services where we post more flyers and applications for outside scholarships.


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