Travis Eygabroad

Assistant Professor

Mr. Eygabroad teaches cybersecurity and computer networking courses in the Computer and Information Sciences Department.

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Education and Training

  • M.Ed., Grand Canyon University
  • MS, Utica University
  • BS, Purdue Global University


Eygabroad, T. (2013). How Criminals Use Internet Anonymizers and Preparing a Toolkit for Law Enforcement to Reduce Usage.


Eygabroad, T. (2020). Protecting Youth Against Social Media and Internet Temptations:  A parent's guide to steps they should take to protect today's youth.  Independently.

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Courses Taught

CSCI 320 Computer Architecture
CSCI 360 Database Management
CSCI 375 Network Forensics
CSCI 470 Advanced Networking
CSCI 480 Topics in Computer Science
CSCI 635 Secure Software Design


Travis Eygabroad

Computer Science
Ambrose Hall 427
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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