Terri Switzer, PhD


Dr. Switzer is Director and Professor of Art History.

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Education and Training

  • PhD, Indiana University, Art History
  • MA, Indiana University, Arts Administration
  • MA, Indiana University, Art History
  • BA, Butler University

Areas of Professional Interest

  • Nationalism
  • Eastern Europe
  • Russia and the Former Soviet Union
  • Museum Studies
  • Arts Administration

Professional Affiliations and Service

Faculty advisor, Art History student club [League of Art History Enthusiasts] (2011-present)
Peer Reviewer for Hungarian Fulbright applications, Hungarian-American Fulbright Commission (2013-2015)
Member, International Exchange Alumni, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
Member, Fulbright-Hays Alumni

Selected Publications, Exhibitions, Conferences & Lectures

"Nationalism and the Myth of Hungarian Origin: Attila & Árpád." In A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017)

Sight and Sound in Renaissance and Baroque Europe (c. 1300-1700): A Seminar on Teaching European Art in Context, CIC conference, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA (2016)

History of Graphic Design class exhibition, Morrissey Gallery, St. Ambrose University (2015)

"The Queen of Sins and 'La Mort qui Danse': Late 19th Century Femme Fatale Imagery," Figge Art Museum, Davenport, IA (2010)

Artistic Workshop Practices of Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy, CIC conference, Birmingham, AL (2010)

Curator. "Darwin Caricatures," exhibition of late 19th-century satirical images of Charles Darwin from various print media at St. Ambrose University Library, Davenport, IA (2009)

"Wartime Propaganda in Art in the Early 20th century," Figge Art Museum, Davenport, IA (2008)

Panel discussion on Coexistence exhibition, Figge Art Museum, Davenport, IA (2007)

"Hungarian Self-Representation in an International Context: the Magyar Exhibited at International Expositions & World's Fairs." In: The Structures and Narratives of National Identity Formation. (Cambridge
University Press, 2003)

"The Development of a Bathing Culture in Budapest, 'City of Spas'." In: Water, Leisure and Culture: European Historical Perspectives. (Berg Publishers / German Studies Association, 2002)

"Overcoming that Nasty, 3-Letter Word: 'ART' within a Freshman Seminar," Difficult Dialogues in the Introductory Art History Course: College Art Association annual conference, Philadelphia, PA (2002)

"Nationalism in Hungarian Art, 1860-1920," Guest Lecture, Indiana University Art and National Identity Graduate Seminar, Bloomington, IN (2000)

"The scandal lies not in the subject, but in the way it is presented: The Erotic Imagery of Mihály Zichy." In: Oculus: Journal for the History of Art. (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2000)

"Heroism and Tradition: the Gödöllô Art Colony." In: Fulbright Conference Proceedings (Budapest, Hungary: Fulbright Commission, 1999)

"Hungarian Self-Representation in an International Context: the Magyar Exhibited at International Expositions & World's Fairs," National Identities: Association of Art Historians Conference, Exeter University, England (1998)

See Courses Taught

AH 120 Topics in Art History: Comics

AH 120 Topics in Art History: Mythic Image 

AH 250/HIST 215 Art through the Ages I [Stone Age through Gothic periods] 

AH 251 Art through the Ages II [Renaissance through Contemporary periods] 

AH 319 Independent Study in Art History
AH 320 Advanced Topics in Art History: Intro to Museum Studies
AH 320 Advanced Topics in Art History: The Language of Comics: Image and Meaning

AH 320 Advanced Topics in Art History: Mythic Image
AH 345 The Renaissance

WI-AH 346 Baroque & Rococo

WI-AH 347 19th Century Art

WI-AH 350 American Art

WI-AH 351 20th Century
WI-AH 352 Non-Western Art

WI-AH 353/HIST 353 Russia

WI-AH 355 History of Graphic Design

AH 450 Art Historical Methods & Careers (formerly AH 205 Art Historical Methods)

AH 451 Capstone Research Experience 

AH 490 Internship in Art History


Terri Switzer

Art History
Ambrose Hall 230
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

Art History

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