Tanya Randle

Associate Professor

Throughout my career as a student and teacher of philosophy I have had a persistent and personal interest in existential themes and questions about the meaning of life in the face of the world's absurdity and death's inevitability. For this reason I have specializations in existential philosophy and philosophy of religion.

My most recent scholarly interests lie in the fields of epistemology (the study of what we can know and how we know it) and the philosophy of mind. Many of my upper level courses address questions about the nature of thinking and consciousness and about the status of scientific knowledge and its relation to other ways of knowing.

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Education and Training

  • PhD, MA, Emory University, Atlanta, Ga., Philosophy
  • BS, Northern Arizona University, Psychology
  • BA, Northern Arizona University, Philosophy

Areas of Professional Interest

  • Continental Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion

My interactive teaching style. I use debate, discussion, and philosophy games to get students to think for themselves about philosophical questions and ideas.

Tanya Randle, on what makes her an interesting teacher


Quad Cities Philosophy at the Pub community group (find us on Facebook!), co-organizer

American Association of Philosophy Professors, member

American Philosophical Association, member

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Courses Taught

Philosophies of Life
Philosophical Methods
Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy Workshop
Philosophy and the Scientific Revolution
Senior Seminar in Philosophy

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