Growing in Faith

In keeping with the academic tradition of St. Ambrose University, Campus Ministry aims to help foster within students a deeper understanding of their faith and learn about the impact faith can have in their lives.  

Through reflection, prayer, and discussion, students can develop stronger lives of faith, as well as be on the way to sharing that faith with others.

Ambrosian Values Service at SAU

Student Retreats

Campus Ministry offers a variety of retreat opportunities for students to develop their faith lives. Growing in faith takes commitment and time, and retreats help students to take the time necessary to strengthen their faith. Learn more about them below.


Some of the retreats we offer include:

Antioch Retreat - This retreat takes place over a weekend away from campus and provides students the opportunity to develop their faith lives in community with fellow students. Held once each semester. 

Busy Student Retreat - For students who want to have a little more reflection in their lives, but find it difficult to get away for a long period of time, this retreat provides students an opportunity to spend some time in prayer and reflection with a spiritual guide, only requiring an hour each day and without having to leave campus. Held once each semester.

Social Justice Retreat - Come away and learn more about Catholic Social Teaching, the social justice history of St. Ambrose University, and what you can do to make a difference. Held in the fall.

New Student Retreat - Offered within the first few weeks of classes, our New Student Retreat is a great retreat for first-year and transfer students who are looking to meet new people, and learn more about Campus Ministry and how they can grow in their faith.

Senior Retreat - As our students get ready to graduate, this overnight retreat offers them a chance to reflect on their time at St. Ambrose University, to give thanks for their time here, and to ponder what the future might bring. Held in the spring. Contact us to learn more about our retreat offerings!

Sharing Your Faith

Discussing faith in community is integral to faith development and growth, and Campus Ministry strives to provide options for students.

Whether you are well-versed with Catholic theology and history, or are interested in learning more about the Catholic church, or your own personal faith background, Campus Ministry has options for all of our students.

  • Men's and Women's Faith Sharing Groups - Students dive deeper into the Scriptures and learn more about the Word of God in discussion. Groups are available for both men and women.  Meet at different times throughout the semester.
  • Speakers and Lectures - Campus Ministry works to promote and sponsor various speakers to be brought to campus, and helps encourage students to engage in discussion and learn from the wisdom of others.
  • Bridge Bible Fellowship - Meant for students of all Christian denominations, this group engages in Bible-based discussion and fellowship on Tuesday nights, along with praise and worship music.Get involved! 

Contact us on the right to learn more!

Speakers and Lectures

Campus Ministry helps to promote the academic mission of the university through helping to sponsor a variety of speakers and presenters to come to campus.

From assisting with and hosting the Pacem in Terris award presentations, to the Chair of Catholic Studies lectures, and various other speakers, Campus Ministry acts to reinforce the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and promote a conversation on campus about faith and faith-related issues.


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