Sandy McKinley


Dr. McKinley teaches Modern European and Latin American history. His research is in the history of ideas, with a special focus on the political theory of revolutionary movements.

He has published a book of the relationship between fin-de-siecle anarchists and the French Revolution.

Education and Training

  • PhD, Brandeis University
  • MA, Brandeis University
  • BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison

More About Dr. McKinley

Courses Taught

Capstone Research Experience
Historical Methods
Senior Seminar on European Revolutions
The French Revolution in History and Literature
Romanticism in History and Literature
Life, Liberty, and Leviathan: The Theory and Politics of Natural Rights
Books and Barricades: European Revolutionary Political Theory
The Spanish Republic, Civil War, and Franco
HIST-315A OVS "Modern France" (Study Abroad)
Europe from 1649-1815
Europe from 1815-1914
Twentieth Century World
Modern European History
Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
Modern Latin America (Study Abroad)
World Civilization Since 1300
History Matters: The French Revolution
History Matters: Role-Playing Europe History


Sandy McKinley

Ambrose Hall 222A
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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