Dana Dailey, PT, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Dailey teaches introduction to therapeutic exercise, functional anatomy, applied anatomy and physiology, pain science and education, professional practice and PT procedures II, and the capstone portfolio project.

She specializes in pain science and education and chronic pain. Her clinical practice has been in a variety of settings with supervisory responsibilities.

Her clinical practice focus is in outpatient orthopedics with a focus on chronic pain, fibromyalgia and clinical research.

She currently serves as research chair for the Pain Management SIG in the Orthopedic Section of the APTA. Dr. Dailey's current research focus is in chronic pain and fatigue, TENS, pain biomarkers and non-pharmaceutical strategies for chronic pain treatment.

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  • PhD, University of Iowa, PT and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • MS, University of St. Francis, Healthcare Administration
  • BS, Northern Illinois University, Physical Therapy
  • BA, Northern Illinois University, Psychology
  • State of Iowa License 01487; State of Illinois License 070.004977

Certificates and Licensure

  • 2015 Graston Technique Certification
  • 2011 APTA Advanced Clinical Instructor Certification 2
  • 2009 APTA Clinical Instructor Certification
  • 2008 American Back School Ergonomic Certification
  • 1997 Lymphedema Certification, Leduc Method
  • State of Iowa 01487
  • State of Illinois 070.004977

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Anatole France


Dailey, et al. A Randomized Controlled Trial of TENS for Movement-Evoked Pain in Women with Fibromyalgia. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2019 Nov 18. doi: 10.1002/art.41170. [Epub ahead of print]

Dailey DL, Williams J, Rakel B, Vance CG, Chimenti R, Golchha M, Geasland K, Zimmerman M, Sluka K, Crofford L. Characteristics of Women with Fibromyalgia Receiving Opioid Analgesics Are Different from Those Not Receiving Opioids. APTA CSM 2020 [Abstract, Poster]

Dailey DL, Vance CG, Rakel B, Zimmerman M, Embree J, Merriwether EN, Geasland K, Chimenti R, Williams J, Golchha M, Crofford L Sluka K. A Randomized Controlled Trial of Tens for Movement-Evoked Pain in Women with Fibromyalgia. APTA CSM 2020 [Abstract, Poster]

Lesnak J, Dailey DL, Vance CG, Frey Law L, Sluka K. Six-minute lower extremity fatiguing task did not alter pain and fatigue in chronic pain populations APTA CSM 2020 [Abstract, Poster]

Vance CG, Dailey DL, Rakel B, Zimmerman M, Chimenti R, Geasland K, Embree J, Merriwether EN, Williams J, Crofford L, Sluka K. Predictors of success with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for women with fibromyalgia. [Abstract, Platform]

Vance CG, Dailey DL, Embree J. Gilbertsen-White S, Herr K, Abernathy G, Butler N, Katz D, Hightower M, Rakel B, Sluka K. Implementation of a Bundle for Exercise and Tens for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: The Best Project APTA CSM 2020 [Abstract, Platform]

Vance CG, Chimenti RL, Dailey DL, Hadlandsmyth K, Zimmerman MB, Geasland KM, Williams JM, Merriwether EN, Munters LA, Rakel BA, Crofford LJ, Sluka KA. Development of a method to maximize the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation intensity in women with fibromyalgia. J Pain Res. 2018; (11):2269-2278.

Merriwether EN, Frey-Law LA, Rakel BA, Zimmerman MB, Dailey DL, Vance CGT, Golchha M, Geasland KM, Chimenti R, Crofford LJ, Sluka KA. Physical activity is related to function and fatigue but not pain in women with fibromyalgia: baseline analyses from the Fibromyalgia Activity Study with TENS (FAST). Arthritis Res Ther. 2018; (20):199.

Resende L, Merriwether E, Rampazo EP, Dailey D, Embree J, Deberg J, Liebano RE, Sluka KA. Meta-analysis of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for relief of spinal pain. European Journal of Pain. 2018; (22):663-678.

Dailey DL, Williams J, Rakel B, Vance CG, Chimenti R, Golchha M, Geasland K, Zimmerman M, Sluka K, Crofford L. Differences in Pain, Fatigue, Sleep Disturbance, and Activity in Women with Fibromyalgia Receiving Opioids and Non-opioids for Pain Control. International Association for the Study of Pain, September 2018, Boston MA. [Abstract, Poster].

More About Dr. Dailey

Courses Taught

DPT 531 Functional Anatomy
DPT 560 Therapeutic Exercise Module
DPT 660 Professional Practice in PT
DPT 760 PT Procedures II
DPT 800 Applied Anatomy and Physiology
DPT 835 Portfolio Project

Honors and Awards

Current Research Awards
OACES: Older Adult and Caregiver Empathy Simulation
The Impact of an Older Adult and Caregiver Empathy Simulation on Second-Year Doctor of Physical Therapy Students

BEsT: Development of an Electronic Prescription Bundle of Non-Pharmacological Strategies for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain. Our purpose is to develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate an electronic prescription bundle for two non-pharmacological pain treatments, exercise (EX) and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for use by primary care providers for treating chronic musculoskeletal pain.

A2CPS: The goal of the Acute to Chronic Pain Signatures (A2CPS) program is to develop a set of objective biomarkers that provide "signatures" to predict if chronic pain is likely to develop after acute pain.

FM TIPS: Fibromyalgia TENS in Physical Therapy Study. This is a pragmatic clinical research trial with the goal to demonstrate the feasibility of adding TENS to treatment of patients with FM in a real-world PT practice setting and to determine if addition of TENS to PT reduces pain, increases adherence to PT and allows patients with FM to reach their specific functional goals with less drug use.

CoEPE Interactive Learning Modules:
Development of Interprofessional Interactive Learning Modules for the Consortium of Excellence in Pain Education focused on Older Adults and Pain Education.


Dr. Dailey participates as a physical therapy supervisor in the Interprofessional Health Clinic for DPT students.

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