Hauber Chair of Biology Lecture

Annual Lecture

The Hauber Chair of Biology Lecture was named in honor of nationally-known biologist Msgr. Ulrich Hauber (1885-1956). A 1905 graduate of St. Ambrose College and biology faculty member for 48 years, Msgr. Hauber served as fifth president of the college from 1926-1930.

St. Ambrose College President William J. Bakrow announced the Chair position on May 28, 1975. It was the first endowed chair in the history of the then 93-year-old college. The first occupant of the Hauber Chair was the Rev. Carl Rice.

This lecture series is funded by the St. Ambrose Biology Department and intended to enhance biology programs.

Past Lectures
(2009) The Darwin Project, Evolution for Everyone, David Sloan Wilson, PhD
(2010) Migration and Disease, Rossanne Philen, MD
(2011) The Evolution, Economics, and Ecology of Social Insects, Dan Cariveau, PhD
(2012) Atrazine and the Feminization of Exposed Male Amphibians, Tyrone Hayes, PhD
(2013) Production of Switchgrass for Biofuels, Neal Stewart, PhD
(2014) The Biodiversity in Our Daily Lives, Holly Menniger, PhD
(2015) Sex in the Wild, Maurine Neiman, PhD
(2016) Conservation and Campus Sustainability, Lissa Leege, PhD
(2017) Why are There So Many Insect Species, Andrew Forbes, PhD
(2018) Plant-Rhizobia Mutualism, Jen Lau, PhD
(2020) The Ecology of Peace, Jeffrey Dukes, PhD
(2021), Climate Change and Human Health, Captain John Eckert, PhD
(2022), Biodiversity of Terrestrial Slugs, Jann Vendetti, PhD


Dennis Tarasi, PhD, Chairperson

Biology Department
Lewis Hall, 2nd floor
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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