Seal of Biliteracy

To demonstrate our commitment to fostering multilingualism and easing the transition of students who have excelled in language studies, St. Ambrose University is pleased to offer transfer credits for Iowa and Illinois students holding the Seal of Biliteracy on their high school transcripts.

Under our transfer credit policy, all students who have earned the Seal of Biliteracy will receive:

LanguageSAU Equivalency
Spanish SPAN 101-102, SPAN 201-202, 12 credits
Other FLAN EGEN 1-2, 6 credits
Other An additional 3-6 credits considered on an individual basis

As advocates for language education and multiculturalism, we at St. Ambrose University understand the importance of supporting and facilitating the academic journeys of students who have earned the Iowa Seal of Biliteracy. We recognize the significant achievement represented by this seal, which acknowledges a student's high level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in English and one or more languages.

In order to receive credit, students must provide their final high school transcript indicating a Seal of Biliteracy to the Office of the Registrar.

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