BeeCard Information

St. Ambrose students are expected to have their BeeCard (student ID) with them 24/7. Your BeeCard allows you to eat in the cafeteria, check materials out of the library, and gain access into your residence hall.

  • Report your BeeCard lost or missing here

When can I get my BeeCard?

These are the incoming terms and BeeCard release date if you enter in:

Photo at Orientation

Pick up on Move In Day from Res Life

For Non-Residential Students: You can make an appointment with BeeCard Services or stop by the Security Office

Where can I pick up my BeeCard?
The BeeCard Services desk is located in the Rogalski Center, Security Office.


BeeCard Services Hours

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(on days when main campus classes are held)

Additional hours available by appointment

What Can I Do With My BeeCard?

Residence Hall Access: Residential students have access to their residence hall exterior doors and all academic buildings. 
Meal Plan/Buzz Bucks: For those with a meal plan or BuzzBucks, you must use your card to deduct meals from your plan or use BuzzBucks.
Library Card: Check out books and materials at the St. Ambrose University Library.
Free bus rides: Ride the Davenport CitiBus fixed routes and Illinois MetroLINK routes at no charge by presenting your ID upon boarding. For route information, visit the websites at CitiBus or MetroLINK.
Wellness & Recreation Center/Lee Lohman Arena: Gives access to exterior doors and interior areas. You also get in free to most athletic events with your card. Click for WRC hours of operation
Galvin Fine Arts Center: BeeCard holders receive complimentary tickets to most events.

Frequently Asked Questions

BeeCard Basics

What is a BeeCard?
The BeeCard is your official St. Ambrose University photo identification card. Students are expected to have their card on their person at all times. The BeeCard will be used to access goods and services on and around campus. Residential students use the BeeCard to gain access into their residence hall.

Who can get a BeeCard? 
All St. Ambrose University full-time and part-time students, faculty, and staff can get a BeeCard.

Where do I get my BeeCard?
The BeeCard Services desk is located in the Rogalski Center, Security Office, 2nd floor.

How much does it cost?
Your first BeeCard is free, but if you lose it, you will be charged $25 to replace it.

What should I bring to get my BeeCard?
Domestic students and employees should bring one of the following forms of government-issued photo identification:

  • state-issued driver's license
  • state-issued ID card
  • U.S. passport
  • U.S. military ID
  • U.S State Department ID
  • U.S. territory ID card

International students and employees should bring one of the following items for identification:

  • Passport
  • Travel Visa

When can I get my BeeCard?
BeeCards for incoming Fall term students will not be released prior to August 1, cards for incoming Spring term students will not be released before January 1, incoming summer student cards will not be released before May 1 immediately prior to their start term.

Dual Admissions students may obtain their card after completion of required paperwork with the St. Ambrose Admissions office. Faculty and staff may obtain their BeeCard after completing all required paperwork with Human Resources.


Do I receive a new BeeCard every year?
No, the BeeCard you receive is for the duration of your enrollment or employment at St. Ambrose University.

It is valid 4 years from the issue date. For those who remain enrolled or employed at St. Ambrose beyond the expiration of the card, simply stop by the BeeCard Services desk, turn in your expired card, and receive a complimentary replacement.

Can I have more than one BeeCard?
No. For security reasons you aren't allowed to have more than one BeeCard. If you lost a card and purchased a replacement, but then found the original card, you may turn that into the BeeCard Services desk for a $10 credit.

Can I loan my BeeCard to a friend?
No, your BeeCard is for individual use only. Never loan a card to another individual.

To protect cardholders, University staff examines cards when presented as payment to confirm the person to whom it was issued is using the card. Staff members will not accept a BeeCard if the card photo doesn't look like the individual presenting the card. BeeCard Services staff are notified when they have declined a card transaction. The individual to whom the card was issued will be responsible for any activities, services, privileges, or sale transactions that occurred if their card was loaned or given to another person.

How do I change the name on my BeeCard?
Students need to visit the Registrar's office; employees need to visit the Human Resources office, both in Ambrose Hall.

If this is a legal name change, then you will need to provide legal documentation representing the name change. If this is a chosen name change (please see the Chosen Name Policy) then you will be asked to fill out a form requesting the change.

Once the name change has been processed by the above offices, we will be happy to collect your previous card and replace it at no charge. If you no longer have your previous card you will be charged $25 for a replacement card.

What if I can't find time to come obtain my first BeeCard?
If you are unable to come to the BeeCard service desk to obtain your first BeeCard, please email us and request an invitation to submit your photo and documentation online.

Lost/Missing/Stolen BeeCard

What if I lost my BeeCard?
You must report the loss immediately via the GET mobile app (App Store | Google Play) or online. If you are unable to access the app or GET desktop site, contact BeeCard Services at 563-333-6257 during business hours. If the loss is discovered after business hours, contact Security at 563-333-6104 to have the card deactivated. If card is found, it can be reactivated.

To replace it, visit the BeeCard Services desk in the Rogalski Center, Security Office, to purchase a replacement during normal business hours. The $25 replacement fee will be charged to your student account. Faculty and Staff must pay the fee in Student Financial Services and bring the receipt to obtain a replacement card.

What if my BeeCard is stolen?
If your BeeCard is stolen on campus, file a theft report with Security. You may receive a replacement card at no charge if you present a police report or a report from St. Ambrose Campus Security. 

How to Care for Your BeeCard

How do I take care of my BeeCard?

  • Don't bend it or break it! Your BeeCard contains a magnetic stripe on the back of the card. It also contains a microchip that's used with contactless card readers. You must take care to not bend, break, cut, or punch holes in your card or you may damage this technology. You are responsible for buying a replacement.
  • Avoid contact between your BeeCard and a wireless phone charger. Wireless phone charging stations use electromagnetic fields to power your phone. If you store your BeeCard in or on your cell phone case and then place the phone on a wireless charger it may damage your card. This will result in you needing to buy a replacement. Save your money and remove the BeeCard before charging.
  • Extend the life of your card by handling it carefully and storing it in a protective sleeve, ID lanyard, or wallet.

What if my BeeCard is damaged?
If your card is damaged or not working, please bring it to the BeeCard Services desk in the Rogalski Center, Security Office, 2nd floor, and a representative will determine if your card is still functional. A card with normal wear and tear will be replaced at no charge.

Care of BeeCard
Please do not:

  • Punch or place a hole in your card.
  • Wash it in a clothes washer/dryer or dishwasher.
  • Use it as an ice scraper or any other form of tool.
  • Store your card with keys or other items that could scratch or bend the card.
  • Affix stickers or other items to your BeeCard unless it is provided or distributed by the BeeCard Services staff or its designee.

To extend the life of your card, please handle it carefully and store it in a protective sleeve, ID lanyard, or wallet.



Tracy Hintze-Bahns

BeeCard Services
Rogalski Center, Security Office
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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