Bee-2-Bee Sales Society

Real World Sales Experience and Networking Skills

The SAU Bee-2-Bee Sales Society provides students opportunities to gain real world sales experience and networking skills in a collaborative and welcoming environment that extends beyond the classroom.

Members strive to help students reach their full potential in professional development by hosting many corporate speakers and panel discussions on various topics in sales.

Our motto – Believe in Win-Win-Win – conveys the College of Business mission of "Business for the Greater Good" by providing solutions that result in wins for the client, the business, and society.

The Society was founded as an official university club in Fall 2018 and has nearly doubled in size.

Meetings are bi-weekly.

Learn about the Business and Healthcare Sales major

Reasons to Join the Sales Club

As a member, you can:

  • gain connections to business people in the Quad Cities.
  • prepare for success beyond graduation.
  • attend meetings where you receive useful and practical information that supplements skills taught in the classroom.
  • build and enhance your network by creating a personal brand while in college.
  • compete in an Intercollegiate Sales Competition each Fall
  • attend a Spring networking event with local businesses looking for great sales people.

So, what's next?

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