Black Student Union

Support and Camaraderie for Black/African-American SAU Students

The mission of the BSU is to provide a support group for Black/African America students admitted to the University. The BSU will serve as the central voice for the articulation of concerns and aspirations of Black/African American students at the University.

The BSU will work to create a platform for its members to engage and connect with the University and the Quad Cities Community at-large while developing student leaders. Membership in this organization is open to all students of St. Ambrose University regardless of race, gender and ethnicity.

Contact: Fritz Dieudonné, Staff Adviser

Hosted Events

The Black Student Union holds campus-wide programming aimed to highlight and celebrate Black Culture throughout the year. BSU has hosted the annual Homecoming dance among other events to accomplish this goal.

Although SAU doesn't have greek organizations, BSU also hosts an annual Step Show celebrating the history and cultural impact of Black Greek Fraternities and Sororities. Greek Organizations from several other Universities hold a showcase on campus during the month of February.

Additionally, the BSU attends an annual Big XII Conference on Black Student Government. This conference allows our members to network with other Black Student Government from institutions in the Big XII Conference (University of Missouri, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Kansas, Baylor, University of Texas, and Texas Tech).

The conference is open to any institution in a State that has a Big XII University within its borders. The Big XII Conference on Back Student Government is an outstanding networking and leadership opportunity. Those who attend hear from Nationally known leaders in breakout sessions as well as keynote speakers.

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