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SENIORS: Check out these resources for finding a job during the age of COVID-19.

Work-Study Jobs: Refer to your financial aid award package to ensure you are eligible. Work study positions for new students will open for applications on Handshake in July. Students should check their SAU email for more information before and after  summer Orientation.

Campus Jobs: If a student is not eligible for work study, they can still work on campus. Campus positions for new students will open for applications on Handshake in July. Students should check their SAU email for more information before and after the summer orientations.

Off-campus Jobs: Employers in the surrounding area are always in need of qualified workers. Learn how to apply for off campus jobs. Contact the Career Center for more assistance with your job search.

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Handshake allows students to search full-time, part-time, work-study, and non-work study on-campus job and internship listings; post a profile; upload résumés; and sign up for on-campus recruiting. 

Alumni will find Handshake useful for posting jobs, mentoring, and recruiting.

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Work-Study and On-Campus Jobs

There are many student employment opportunities on campus and in the surrounding community, both for work-study eligible and non-work-study students.

Work-study will appear on your Financial Aid award letter.

Work-Study First-Year Students Attending Orientation
All students can learn more about on campus jobs during Orientation. Students and their guests can attend the Academic and Career Planning session and stop by the office throughout the day. Available positions will be opened on Handshake in early July after orientation. Supervisors will contact students via SAU email or phone for an interview or to offer a position. We recommend applying as soon as possible when positions open.

First-Year Students or Transfer Students NOT Attending Orientation
Students unable to attend Orientation should check their SAU email regularly for information from the Academic and Career Planning Office and Student Employment Coordinator. Students will receive all the necessary information for on campus work via email. Students can also visit our Portal page.

Getting Paid

All student workers must set up Direct Deposit. You will need to know your bank account and routing number.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit:

  1. Log in to MySAU Portal
  2. Select Self-Service
  3. Select Banking Information and Next to continue.
  4. Enter Bank Routing Number. Enter Bank Account Number (twice). Select Checking or Savings.
  5. Read and Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Select Save.

Q. How do students know if they're eligible for work study?
A. Students must complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be awarded work study. It will appear on the student's financial aid award letter. Students can also contact the Financial Aid Office or view their financial aid information online.

Q. Should freshmen or new students work during their first year in college?
A. Yes! By working on campus, students will gain work experience while also interacting with other students, staff, and faculty. Students will learn to manage time and responsibilities. For many students, working on campus contributes positively to their overall experience and academic performance.

Q. How many hours per week do students typically work?
A. Work-study students will work an average of 8 hours per week during the academic year.

Q. What is the wage rate for student employees?
A. Students are paid $7.25 per hour. This is equivalent to about $1,850 per academic year. Work-study earnings can be applied toward tuition or to a student's bank account via direct deposit.

Q. Are work-study positions guaranteed to all incoming students if they have been awarded work-study?
A. No. Even if students are awarded work study, they have to apply for positions and be hired.

Q. How do students new to St. Ambrose University apply for a work-study job?
Students will use Handshake to apply for work-study jobs. In mid-July, students will have the opportunity to review and apply for jobs. We recommend students apply for multiple jobs because availability may be limited in some departments. Supervisors will contact students via SAU email or by the phone number listed on their application to review job details, such as start date and scheduling. Students should check their SAU email frequently.

Q. What do students do if they want a job and did not receive employment?
A. Students should continue to check Handshake regularly. Positions may become available throughout the semester. We also recommend that students contact the Career Center for additional help, if needed.

Q. Are there jobs on campus where students can do their homework?
A. Work-study positions are not intended to be used as study time. Some positions may have more downtime than others. However, students should always complete work first and consult their supervisor if they have downtime. The purpose of the work-study program is to provide financial assistance through valuable work experience.

Campus Jobs

On or after the second Monday in July, you can directly apply for non-work-study positions at the Children's Campus, with Wellness and Recreation, or in the Weight Room. Supervisors will contact students via SAU email or by phone to schedule an interview or offer a position.

If you want to get a head start before the second Monday in July, you can complete a cover letter and résumé on Handshake.

SAU Children's Campus (infant and pre-school childcare center)
Work with children at the SAU Children's Campus located at the corner of Marquette and Lombard near campus. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 6am-6pm. See the full position description for Children's Campus below.

Wellness and Recreation Center and Weight Room
Do you want to work for SAU Wellness and Recreation and/or in the Weight Room? Register on our job posting website, Handshake, and follow the instructions. You can check out descriptions for weight room supervisor and sports official positions below. 

Sodexo Food Service
You can be a barista in the Beehive Coffee Shop, a cafeteria worker in Cosgrove, or work in the food court in the Rogalski Center. Apply for Sodexo jobs online.

If you've attended SAU for at least one semester, you can apply for these positions: 

Student Success Center Tutor
You can tutor your fellow college students by working through the Student Success Center. You must first be recommended by a faculty member.

Resident Advisor (RA)
RAs foster community among residents on a residence hall floor. They receive training and plan programs, resolve conflicts, document behavior issues, and enforce university policy. Residence Life will notify students via SAU email when RA applications are being accepted.

New Student Seminar Peer Assistant
Peer assistants serve as a student co-instructor with a faculty or staff member for New Student Seminar (NSS). All peer assistants must attend all NSS classes, which meet for 50 minutes twice a week for 15 weeks.

STARS (Students Trained as Role Models)
STARS work during summer orientations and lead groups to various offices, answer questions, act in skits, and spend time with the new first-year students.

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