Network Acceptable Use Policy

Revised July 23, 2020

The St. Ambrose networks are University wide computer networks with access to the internet, computing and resources worldwide for authorized users. The use of the resources applies to all university owned devices as well as personal devices connected to our network.

Statement of Policy
Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to use the network for educational research projects, for professional work related to university business and e-mail correspondence. The conduct of users should be reflective of the mission of this institution and its focus on respect for humanity.

St. Ambrose network is available to benefit all members of the St. Ambrose community. Along with its privileges come responsibilities. Responsible use means not only following St. Ambrose policies designed to maintain smooth operation of our local network but also following local and federal laws prohibiting activities considered misuse of the network. Responsible use includes but is not limited to:

  • User is responsible for all activity originating from this connection. User must take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized use by others of this connection, and his/her accounts, programs, or data.
  • User should not engage in activities that consume excessive amounts of network bandwidth.
  • User must not modify or extend any provided network service connections. This applies to all network wiring, hardware, and in-room jacks. Students may only connect registered devices to the network. No user can connect servers of any type, hubs, or network printers.
  • It is unacceptable to try to bypass standard procedures, including unauthorized use of an account, attempting to attain another person's password or using another person's account to access the network. All connections for the use of authorized users. Users may not use their accounts to create access for other individuals or share their access with anyone.
  • Network connections are for University-related activities only. Users may not connect to conduct commercial business via network connections.
  • Users may not run sniffers or any other software or hardware designed to intercept packets or to disrupt the security or operation of the campus network.
  • Users may not participate in illegal activities such as software piracy-either the distribution of copyrighted software or illegal attainment of software or other copyrighted materials-from any university connection.
  • Users may only access files, materials or information contained with the network that they have permission to access. Lack of protection on the resources does not constitute right of access.
  • Users may not access, download or share obscene, threatening or harassing materials over the network.
  • Only legal, licensed software applications may reside on or be transferred within the network. All St. Ambrose University faculty, students and employees shall use computer software only in accordance with license agreements, whether it is licensed to the University or the user.

Should anyone need to use the network for activity that may not keep with one of the uses noted, they should contact the IT department to request permission. All noted exceptions will be tracked through the departments service desk system.

At its discretion, the University may use its capability to examine network resources for violations of this policy. Sanctions for violation of this policy may result in disabling of network access, other disciplinary action or referral to external authorities.

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