Degree Overview

According to research published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of professional psychology is expanding at a rate of 14% per year. With this growth speed, more than 26,000 new careers are expected to be created in the industry by 2028. Make a name for yourself in this dynamic field and prepare for a variety of professional opportunities with the online bachelor’s in psychology program from St. Ambrose University.

Through an interactive online classroom, this online psychology degree combines the scientific fundamentals of the field with instruction in the liberal arts to prepare you for lasting careers, graduate education and a life of learning. As a student of the bachelor’s in psychology, you’ll navigate evidence-based courses that cover the scientific study of behavior, thought processes and emotions. You’ll learn to recognize the importance of human diversity, multiculturalism and the influence of interaction on behavior as you develop an understanding and appreciation of individual differences.

Designed for working individuals, the online bachelor’s in psychology from St. Ambrose provides flexible course options that allow you to balance your education with your full-time schedule and personal responsibilities. Study when it’s convenient for your schedule and receive personalized attention from expert educators who are committed to helping you succeed. Upon completion of the online bachelor’s in psychology program, you’ll have the advanced skills and professional expertise required to pursue a graduate program in a variety of health science fields or begin a rewarding career in psychology, human services, education and more.

Degree Details

  • Next Start Date:6/6/2022
  • Est. Program Length*:2-4 years
  • Credit Hours:120 total
  • Course Length:8-16 weeks
  • Cost Per Credit Hour:$475

*Dependent on transfer credit eligibility

Who is This Degree For?

  • Individuals seeking an online psychology degree that will prepare them for graduate course work in a variety of health science fields.
  • Individuals striving for a career in psychology, education, human resources and more.
  • Current professionals eager to change career paths or qualify for advancement opportunities within their current field.
  • Professionals seeking a convenient online psychology degree program that can be completed while working full time.

Course Requirements

Core (12 credits)

  • PSYC 105 Introduction to Psychology
  • STAT 213 Statistics
  • PSYC 215 Research Methods
  • PSYC 255 Brain and Behavior

Applied (18 credits)

Category One:
  • PSYC 212 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Category Two:
  • PSYC 324 Abnormal Psychology
Category Three:
  • PSYC 314 Human Motivation
Category Four:
  • PSYC 350 Health Psychology

*Two additional psychology courses (class offering will vary)

Capstone: (4 credits) = PSYC 425 Professional Development and Integration in Psychology

All students graduating with a psychology degree from St. Ambrose University are required to take an online Major Field Test (MFT). The MFT is a standardized exam that many universities across the country use to determine students’ mastery of concepts prior to graduation. There is no minimum score needed in order to graduate, but all SAU psychology students must take the exam. There is a small fee for the exam.

Career Outcomes


Psychologists work directly with individuals of all ages to understand and diagnose their mental health issues. They conduct research, document observations and develop treatment plans to help their clients lead healthy and productive lives. Many of these professionals specialize in individuals of specific age groups.

Social and Community Service Manager

Social and community service managers oversee the planning and execution of public services and programs within their communities. Their responsibilities include determining the types of services that are most beneficial to their communities and maintaining a public service budget.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Substance abuse counselors provide mental health services to individuals struggling with substance use disorders. These professionals conduct direct counseling sessions with their clients to better understand their mental health struggles and develop plans of action to correct behavioral problems and lead them to recovery.

Why St. Ambrose?

  • Outcomes-based Education

    St. Ambrose University is focused on results: 90% of our 2016-17 undergraduates were employed in their field, attending graduate school, or contributing to their communities as volunteers within six months of graduating. Alumni of our graduate programs are leading worldwide corporations, hospitals, security firms, hospitals, non-profit organizations and more.

  • Outstanding Faculty

    You will learn from leading educators, practitioners, and researchers who support your educational and professional goals. Our faculty are focused on teaching first and are readily available to answer questions or help you dive deeper into a topic.

  • Affordability

    Our competitive tuition means you will get a deep and relevant education at an affordable price.

  • Core Values

    Ambrosians share a commitment to academic excellence, liberal arts, social justice, and service. Our students, alumni and faculty are actively contributing to their communities, professions, and the world. Join us, grow, and make an impact of your own.

Benefits of Learning Online

  • Flexible Schedule

    With our fully online format, you can balance your education around your busy life. Take advantage of a structure that puts your needs first.

  • Community

    Enjoy completing your studies in a community of peers from diverse backgrounds.

  • Become an Ambrosian

    Earn a St. Ambrose University online degree from anywhere in the world.

  • Experienced Faculty

    Our faculty have real-world experience and a passion for teaching. Make a connection and use it to help propel your career.

  • Competitive Tuition

    We offer competitive tuition and financial aid for our online programs.