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becky meissen

One of the April First-Year spotlights is shining on Rebecca "Becky" Meissen. While only a first-year student, Meissen has jumped right in, and our department is lucky to have her.

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joe lasher as officer

Joe Lasher is finishing up his first year at St. Ambrose, and he has already left his mark. Lasher graduated from Davenport Central, where he was a star on the stage. He is currently majoring in Theatre and Music.

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nyssa wagner

Nyssa Wagner, from Evergreen Park, Ill., is the assistant stage manager for 'Tartuffe' and a work-study student in the Galvin Fine Arts Center scene shop.

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dawn in Assisi, Italy

Even though she's a self-declared "homebody," sophomore Kaitlin McNicholas decided to expand her worldview beyond the United States.

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Theatre | News

Two recent St. Ambrose University theatre alumni, Kayla Lansing '18 and Kelci Eaton '18, are putting their acquired skills from the "Ambrose Advantage" to use in graduate school.

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Photo Keegan Steele

Knowing where to start, and how to start, is rather important when you want to attend medical school. At SAU, students support each other in their goals as members of Doctors to Bee.

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Joo Hee Kim and daughter

It is not uncommon for students who hold the same goal to have other things in common, too. But, Joo Hee Kim and Sangita Thapa take it to another level. Each was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing during SAU's 2018 Winter Commencement Ceremony.

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Reina Glandon and daughter

Nursing graduate hopes to be a role model for her young daughter.

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sam lange with grandparents

Sam is a bow tie aficionado – he has a collection of 25 so far!

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