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Head football coach Mike Magistrelli '03 MEd calls the facility "a one-stop shop" for the team's practice-day workouts.

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It was not a serious question, but Colleen Dunnegan '02 graciously took it as such.

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jon schroeder with parents

With the support of his parents, Jon Schroeder '17 built his future at St. Ambrose.

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Her efforts were featured in a PBS documentary about one of the most impoverished school districts in the country.

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wedding group photo

When Chicago residents Kelly (Kratt) '10 and Scott Paulson '10 were married in August 2017, they took time to honor and celebrate their Ambrosian spirit and connections, posing for a photo with 37 alumni and the Fighting Bee flag.

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large group of graduating men in front of 2018 balloons

The Class of 2018 reflects on the past and the future

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al williams

He began teaching tennis as part of his nonprofit called Kids, Sports, Fitness, & Education.

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scene from 12 angry men

Continued from last month's article, 'Throwback to Theatre III'

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