Our labs are equipped to support student research in exercise physiology, biomechanics, strength and conditioning, and sport nutrition.

Here are recent examples of student research:

  • Hannah Anderson, The effects of different pre-exercise energy drinks on muscular strength and repetitions to failure during a squat exercise
  • Abigail Hammer, The training effect the 3km steeplechase has on cross country performance
  • Kinta Schott, Comparison of Ankle Taping Methods on Recreationally Active Adults with Chronic Ankle Instability
  • Elizabeth Sharis, Kinematics of the Feet-Out Rowing Drill on the Concept2 Model D Versus the Rowperfect 3S Rowing Ergometers
  • Anthony Peters, The Validation of Garmin Forerunner 630 Watches in Predicting Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Hyperthermic Training Conditions
  • Samantha Lang, The Effect of Different Modes of Exercise on Perceived Stress Levels in College Students


Sandy Lund, PhD

Dr. Lund's research has focused on respiratory physiology, exercise-induced asthma, and supplement use.

Sandy Lund's Faculty Page


Rhiannon Seneli, PhD

Dr. Seneli researches the biomechanics of gait and running, specifically in the differences between rearfoot and forefoot running.

Rhiannon Seneli's Faculty Page


Kyle Bohnert, PhD

Dr. Bohnert's research is focused towards understanding the molecular and signaling mechanisms that regulate skeletal muscle mass.

Kyle Bohnert's Faculty Page


Michael Dahlinghaus, PhD

Dr. Dahlinghaus has research and professional interests in sports nutrition and human performance.

Michael Dahlinghaus' Faculty Page


Christopher Schwartz, PhD

Dr. Schwartz's research background is in the area of cardiovascular physiology, primarily the impact of hypertension and hypotension on the human body.

Christopher Schwartz's Faculty Page


Nick Voth, MEd

Voth's research focuses on the applied exercise physiology as it relates to performance in endurance sports.

Nick Voth's Faculty Page

Research Labs and Classrooms

Conduct research in exercise physiology or biomechanics. Our labs have the latest equipment to capture human movement and performance.

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Exercise Physiology
  • ParvoMedics TrueOne Metabolic Cart
  • CosMed Quark CPET Metabolic Cart
  • CosMed K5 Portable Metabolic Cart
  • Nova Biomedical Lactate Plus Analyzers
  • Arkray Glucocard Blood Glucose Analyzers
  • CardioTech ECG Machine
  • Garmin GPS Watches
  • Other standard exercise physiology equipment
  • Motion Analysis Motion Capture System
  • Noraxon Inertial Measurement Units
  • Bertec Force Plates
  • ATMI Portable Force Plates
  • Delsys Wireless EMG System
  • Other standard biomechanical equipment

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