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Elizabeth (Liz) Nino

Personal Enrichment Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Arts in International Business, Class of 2007

"SAU encouraged me to explore a wide variety of classes and experiences that ultimately allowed me to discover my passion for travel, culture, and languages."

As an International Business major, Liz got a broad, immersive education in business, economics, foreign policy, language, and culture. You'll get to study in classrooms here and abroad, gaining experiences and skills that lead to a successful career.

Current Occupation:

Director, International Admissions at Augustana College

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Why SAU?

Extensive Education

Liz says several of her family and friends told her about SAU. "I was looking for a small, liberal arts school close to home and St. Ambrose was the perfect match," she says. Here, she got a comprehensive education and broad experiences, which boosted her skills and desire to help others explore the world. "After teaching abroad for five years, I returned to the Quad Cities and took on a position as Director of International Admissions at Augustana College. Ironically, I recently returned from international recruitment in Cuenca, Ecuador, a city where I had been on study abroad during my time at St. Ambrose," she says.

About SAU


What impact did our faculty have on your education?

"My professor Dr. Patrick O'Leary was one of the most influential people during my undergraduate studies. He encouraged international business majors to explore the world, which ultimately led me to work and live abroad in Ecuador, Spain, and Mexico," Liz says. International business students have so many opportunities. We offer study abroad programs in the fall, spring and summer, and you can choose from dozens of countries. You can also complete an international business internship.

Study Abroad


How does your Ambrosian experience relate to your career?

"SAU gave me the opportunity to study abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador. During this time I was able to master my Spanish speaking and writing skills, which I continue to use in my professional career," Liz says. "I would highly recommend SAU to prospective students. This is a great place to discover your passions and interests. The small classroom environment and one-on-one attention from professors really support undergraduate students."

Why Choose the International Business Program?

Exceptional Career Opportunities

"After high school I did a gap year in Sweden. Living abroad made me curious about learning new languages and culture. I knew I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to travel the globe and meet people who are different from me," Liz says. Our international business graduates move into the world with solid business and economics skills, and a unique understanding of other cultures, languages, history, and international politics. Employers value your study abroad and internship experiences, and you are prepared to work for an international corporation or within education, government, foreign policy, hospitality, trade, and more.

International Business

So, what's next?

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