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Our International Business students don't look down: they look ahead. They charge into the world head-on with skills to guide a corporate expansion in Asia or turn a local business into an international success.

It takes strong ethics, deep respect for cultures, and the skills to lead in our ever-changing global economy. At SAU, you get a bold, and broad, business education that lets you explore and contribute to world economics.

Our graduates work at John Deere Construction Forestry Division, U.S. Department of Defense, Rockwell International, Career Education Association, Walt Disney World, and others.

Ambrose Advantages

  • Immerse Yourself In Global Economy
  • Expansive Education: Here and Abroad
  • Learn to Navigate Economies & Current Events

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You see the world as unlimited in potential, and we see that in you, too. We recognize your knack for business and your drive to understand the world and its economies – and how you want to contribute. At St. Ambrose, courses build your skills and abilities, and our faculty encourage and support your goals on campus and abroad.

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More Information on the International Business Program

What Will I learn?

Our curriculum spans the breadth and depth of global topics, managing across cultures, and essential foundations of courses in management, finance, and economics.

You are encouraged to delve deeper into topics of interest, integrate across fields, and engage in real-time projects.

All full-time faculty have PhDs and share their professional expertise and experiences you know that what you learn and how you apply it matters in the real world.

Then, we push you past textbooks and classroom discussions. International Business majors spend eight weeks or more immersed in study abroad. Or, do a shorter trip and complete a 50-hour service project working with immigrants or a 50-hour international business internship.

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The SAU College of Business has deep ties with worldwide corporations such as Deere & Co., KONE, HON, as well as with local companies and entrepreneurs who seek professionals who can grow and initiate change in our global economy. With those connections, you have exceptional opportunities for networking, internships, and jobs.

Study Abroad

You've heard people say it before: "College will be the greatest time of your life!" With Study Abroad, you can add even more to your college years.

You can study in another country in a semester-long or short-term study abroad program (with a few offered during spring and winterim breaks). No matter the duration, these trips deepen your professional education while earning credit toward graduation.

There are also opportunities through an exchange program, an overseas internship, or volunteering. The limits for Study Abroad are only ones you set for yourself! SAU students have studied in Italy, Costa Rica, Australia, Korea, United Kingdom, Spain, Ecuador, Japan, Germany, Peru, Cyprus, Croatia, Belize, Canada, Chile, and more.

SAU students returning from their Study Abroad locations talk about their time away as life-changing – personally, emotionally, culturally, and academically.

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What are some potential career outcomes?

Our graduates usually move well beyond entry-level positions due to their deep knowledge of international customs, foreign policy and more. Career opportunities include international marketing specialist, consultant, job analyst, and product manager.

Here's the bonus. The skills you gain as an International Business major are highly valued within other job sectors, too, including banking, manufacturing, transportation, retail, hospitality, and entertainment. 

Most of our graduates have no problem finding their dream job. A recent survey showed 96% of SAU College of Business graduates were employed full- or part-time, in graduate school, continuing their education, or weren't seeking employment at the time.

Peace Corps Prep

If service is included in your future plans, we one of few universities in Iowa offering Peace Corps Prep, a program that can make you a stronger candidate for volunteer positions within the Peace Corps or other service programs. You'll gain skills and a cultural worldview that employers value and best of all, most students can earn the certificate – awarded by the Peace Corps – without taking extra courses.

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What have alumni of this program done?
  • Austin Slater '15 is a Human Resource Generalist at Hammond-Henry Hospital in Geneseo. At Ambrose, Austin took advantage of the growing Study Abroad program at Ambrose. He traveled to Japan, Italy, and Brazil.
  • Patricia Tracy '15 is an International Marketing Intern at Tripp Lite in Chicago.
  • Phil Reges '08 is Director of Operations at CRST International.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Business

ACCT 201 Accounting Principles I
ACCT 202 Accounting Principles II
BUS 201 Legal Environment of Business
ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 331 International Economics
FNCE 300 Principles of Finance
INTL 370 International Field Experience
INTL 372 Business Across Cultures
INTL 400 International Experiential Portfolio (1 credit)
MATH 191/STBE 137 Quantitative Reasoning in Business
MGMT 210 Principles of Management
MGMT 353 Global Supply Chain Logistics
MGMT 449 Strategic Management & Policy
MKTG 209 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 349 International Marketing
PHIL 305 Business Ethics
STBE 237 Statistics for Business and Economics

Political and Regulatory Environment (take one):
PSCI 309 International Politics
PSCI 316 International Law
PSCI 319 Globalization Democracy and Human Rights

Culture and World Regions (take one):
COMM 340 Global Communications
HIST 211 Asia
HIST 217 Modern Europe
IS 310 Advanced Topics in Culture

Plus foreign language competence to the equivalent of the 202-level

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Plan to Graduate

This is the suggested plan of study to graduate in four years with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business.

This plan assumes the student has not taken three years of foreign language in high school.

Year One

Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
STBE 137 3 ECON 202 3
MGMT 210 3 Elective 3
ENGL 101 Composition 3 COMM 203 Interpersonal Communication 3
THEO 100-200 3 PHIL 100-200 3
Humanities 3 ACCT 201 1
NSS 1 IL 101 Infolit

Year Two

Spring SemesterCreditsFall SemesterCredits
ECON 201 3 STBE 237 3
BUS 201 3 Electives 6
MKTG 209 3 FNCE 300 3
KIN Activity 1 KIN 149 1
Foreign Language 101 3 Foreign Language 102 3
ACCT 202 3

Year Three

Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
INTL 372 Business Across Cultures 3 INTL Elective/Foreign Language 202 3
Elective/Foreign Language 201 3 MKTG 349 International Marketing 3
INTL Elective 3 Humanities 3
Natural Science 3 PHIL/THEO elective 3
Creative Arts 3
INTL 400 1

Year Four

Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
MGMT 353 Global Supply Chain Logistics 3 INTL 370 Int'l Field Experience 3
ECON 331 Int'l Economics 3 WI-MGMT 449 Strategic Mgmt 3
Electives 9 Electives 7

WI=writing intensive

Minor in Global Business (18 credits)

INTL 372, MKTG 349, ECON 202, MGMT 353

Take 1 of the following: PSCI 309, 316, or 319

Take 1 of the following: COMM 340, HIST 211, 217, or IS 310

Tony Villasenor '11, '13 MBA

Tony's drive to discover and experience the world took root at St. Ambrose. While working on undergraduate degrees in International Business and Spanish, he was required to study abroad. Tony chose Barcelona. "It was a semester-long trip. At first, I thought it would be too long. In the end, it was too short," he says. "I love learning, learning where people come from, about their culture and experiences. Being able to relate to people from all over the world has really propelled my career."

Read Tony's Story
Liz Nino Cutout Mobile Image Liz Nino Cutout Image

Elizabeth (Liz) Nino

Bachelor of Arts in International Business,Director, International Admissions at Augustana College,Class of 2007

As an International Business major, Liz got a broad, immersive education in business, economics, foreign policy, language, and culture. You'll get to study in classrooms here and abroad, gaining experiences and skills that lead to a successful career.

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