Data Science and Analytics

At Ambrose, students enjoy individual attention from Data Science faculty which includes undergraduate research, an opportunity not readily available at large schools.

As one of few data science bachelor's programs in the country, St. Ambrose students gain a solid foundation in theoretical mathematics, applied statistics, and computer programming. Our majors hit the ground running when they go to work in the ever-expanding industry of data science or head to graduate school.

Program Distinctions

  • Learn from SAU faculty whose research and insight are regularly published in journals and shared at conferences and workshops.
  • Socialize and learn from other Lovers of Math in the SAU Math Club.

Graduates of Data Science and Analytics

What can you do with this degree?

Grad School: Our Data science graduates are accepted into graduate programs in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, other applied sciences, and law school.

Get to Work: They also go straight into the workforce as analysts, teachers, and data scientists (just to name a few):

  • Hunter Hamstra (minor in data science graduate 2021): Johns Hopkins master's program in data science
  • Quincy Walker (data science and mathematics graduate 2022): Financial analyst for Verizon
  • Elena Muhs (data science graduate 2021): Data Analyst, RSM US LLP Accounting Services, Davenport, IA.
  • Angelique Iradukunda (mathematics and data science graduate 2019): Data Engineer, YASH technologies, East Moline, Ill.

Ambrose Advantages

  • One-on-one faculty attention in small classes
  • Internships with industry-leading companies
  • Practice ethical data curation
  • Accomplished faculty published in premier data journals

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We'll help you develop the skills to journey into the fascinating world of data. St. Ambrose cultivates relationships with internship partners who are as focused as we are in creating an experiential learning process that makes you workplace ready. St. Ambrose programs also stay true to our mission core values and the importance of enriching lives through honest work.

More Information on Data Science and Analytics

Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics (45 credits)

+MATH 191 Calculus I, 4 credits
MATH 192 Calculus II, 4 credits
MATH 220 Intro. to Logic and Proof, 3 credits
MATH 290 Linear Algebra, 3 credits
MATH 300 Probability and Statistics, 3 credits
MATH 301 Statistical Modeling, 3 credits
MATH 305 Advanced Data Science, 3 credits
MATH 306 Ethics of Data Science, 3 credits
MATH 390 Mathematical Programming, 3 credits
MATH 391 Capstone, 1 credit
CSCI 195 Programming I, 3 credits
MATH/CSCI 281 Discrete Structures, 3 credits
CSCI 295 Programming II, 3 credits
CSCI 310 Data Structures, 3 credits
CSCI 360 Database Management, 3 credits

+=satisfies General Education requirements

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Tim Gillespie, PhD, Professor and Chair

Il Woo Cho, PhD, Professor
Junyi Dong, PhD, Asst. Professor
Michael Kiss, Lecturer
Lisa Thimm, MS, Senior Lecturer

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Tim Gillespie, Asst. Professor

Math and Statistics Department
Ambrose Hall
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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