Ben Ulfers

Academic Excellence Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Arts in History, Class of 2015

"Ambrose gives you the opportunity to explore your interests, freedom to do the things you really care about, and the support to make sure you succeed."

Our professors are smart, dedicated, and creative, and want to help you cater your education to your goals. That deepens your learning, expands your skills, and sets you up for success. Just ask Ben, who after graduation earned a Juris Doctor from Washington University in St. Louis.

Current Occupation:

Judicial Law Clerk at Iowa Court of Appeals

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Why SAU?

Personal Education

"The small class sizes in the History Department allowed me to develop personal relationships with the faculty. I eventually became the departmental assistant and had the opportunity to complete independent research on French history," Ben says. Our professors are passionate about the past and your future. Expand your education through one-on-one mentoring and campus activities. Join the History Honor Society, Art History Club, take part in National History Day, or explore the many historical and cultural archives within the Quad Cities.

Learn about the Quad Cities

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How were you involved at SAU?

"I was president of Model U.N., sang in four choirs, helped launch a new choir, participated in student government, was chair and vice president of the Campus Activities Board, worked for Security and the History Department, was involved in Campus Ministry, and I also did plays," Ben says. At SAU, you can get involved in more than 80 student clubs and organizations. Our choirs and theatre productions are open to students of all majors. You can apply for work study positions that match your interests and expand your professional skills.

Student Life

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How are you using your SAU education in your career?

"Much of my education introduced and reinforced the connections between subjects. Philosophies can influence leaders to make different decisions; new technologies can influence the ways people see the world they live in; art and design can bring people together and create new ideas. I try to bring in new connections from diverse subjects to improve my work. I also try to remember that the work I do, no matter what it is, can have a great impact on everything around me," Ben says.

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Why Choose the History Program?

Immersion & Dedication

"I love history, and it was always my favorite subject in school. I enjoy being able to immerse myself in a different time and place to understand how those surroundings made people who they were. I loved that SAU has a very dedicated department with a variety of focuses. The faculty are very passionate about their classes and deeply invested in helping students understand the material," Ben says.


So, what's next?

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