Alumni Spotlight: Megan Clarke '18


The year 2020 is already proving to be a busy one for Ambrose alum Megan Clarke '18.

After transferring to St. Ambrose her junior year and finishing her degree in theatre, Clarke moved to Chicago to continue her professional acting career. Over the past 18 months, she found work doing improv with Theatre Momentum and The Second City.

The first year out of college has been terrifying, and I am not going to lie: it has been the most difficult year of my life," she said.

Clarke is currently playing the role of Sarah in the world premiere of Ghosts of Chernobyl with Theatre Above Law. She also works as a company member with Jest Murder Mystery.

"Storefront and found theatre are the lifeblood of this city," Clarke said. "Audition for everything, everywhere. Some of my favorite work has come out of the smallest of spaces."

This means Clarke is constantly searching for her next production.

"My plans moving forward are a bit up in the air," Clarke said. "I don't have a destination at the moment, but I do have a direction."

She is considering going back to school for an education degree. "We all need a day job; why not have one I am passionate about?"

Through all her adventures, Clarke has learned a lot. Her advice to those pursuing theatre is simple: "Be an artist and make art."

"Define your success, and don't let anyone else's definition affect yours," she said. "During a race, if a runner turns around to see where the other competitors are compared to where he is, the runner has already slowed themselves down. Don't slow yourself down."

Reflecting back on her time at Ambrose, Megan said that Ambrose taught her to appreciate creative moments. "I was more than an actor at Ambrose. I made costumes, hung lights, directed, and even used a hammer once or twice."

She added that the theatre faculty at Ambrose give the Department its passion and high standards.

"When you see Cory, Dianne, Kris, Dan, or anyone who has made an impact, know that you are so very lucky to have such passionate people by your side, guiding us through this crazy dream of ours," Clarke said.

Ghosts of Chernobyl runs March 26 - April 26 at the Jarvis Square Theater in Chicago.


Megan Clarke

Class of 2018

See her perform in Ghosts of Chernobyl, March 26 - April 26 at the Jarvis Square Theater, Chicago.


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