What Does It Mean to Be Anchored?

St. Ambrose University education embraces the writings and teachings of St. Ambrose in their application to the pursuit of truth, the promotion of the human dignity of all persons, the commitment to justice and the common good, and the engagement in the living tradition of the Catholic Church. Anchored in Christ and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, St. Ambrose University provides people of all backgrounds a personalized education that prepares principle-centered leaders and ethical decision-makers.

Strategic Initiatives

Redefine the Ambrose Core Experience

Key Strategic Activities

  • Developing an Agile Structure for Curriculum Redesign to Support Innovation
  • A Curriculum Redesign to Create a Distinctive Ambrosian Core Curriculum
  • A Redesign of the University's Learning Philosophy
  • Development of an Assessment Plan for the New Ambrosian Core Curriculum
Brand Revitalization

Key Strategic Activities

  • Build a Sustainable Infrastructure for Stewardship of the University Brand, Branding, and Marketing Activities
  • Develop and Activate a New Brand Strategy
  • Replace the University Website (infrastructure, content, and data integration)
  • Develop a Strategy for Student Experience Optimization
  • Comprehensive Integrated Plan(s) for Undergraduate and Graduate Marketing
Campus Master Plan - Modernize Infrastructure and Space Planning

Key Strategic Activities

  • Building Condition and Space Utilization Analysis
  • Discovery Session with Campus Stakeholders
  • Develop Strategic Priorities for Building Renovations and New Buildings
Develop People and Leadership

Key Strategic Initiatives

  • Professional Development and Training
  • Certifying Core Group of Faculty and Staff in Agile Leadership
  • Employee Recognition Initiative
  • Flexible and Remote Work Initiative
  • Annual Campus Culture Assessment

So, what's next?

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