What Does It Mean To Be Affordable?

St. Ambrose University believes that any qualified student should be able to afford a St. Ambrose University education. St. Ambrose University offers the power and life-long benefits of an Ambrose education to all learners, regardless of background and circumstances.

Strategic Initiatives

Academic and Administrative Effectiveness and Efficiency Initiatives

Key Strategic Activities

  • Conduct Administrative Needs Analysis To Improve Efficiency
  • Evaluate Academic Programs To Enhance Viability
  • Audit And Improve Athletic Team Contribution Margins
  • Implement New IT Strategic Plan
Comprehensive Campaign

Key Strategic Activities

  • Raise $50 Million In 5 Years Through Comprehensive Campaign
  • Plan Targeted, High-Quality Contribution Events For Alumni And Donors
  • Identify And Empower Internal Campus Fundraising Partners
Review of Financial Aid Modeling and Processes

Key Strategic Activities

  • Evaluate Financial Aid Support Structures And Scholarships
  • Identify And Accelerate Targeted Programs Matching External Needs

So, what's next?

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