What Does It Mean To Be Accessible?

St. Ambrose University believes that education represents the key to opportunity and supports learning in a variety of forms throughout individuals' lives. St. Ambrose University engages students, offering one-on-one, approachable, and flexible support.

Strategic Initiatives

Holistic Advising and Career Preparation

Key Strategic Activities

  • Merge Academic Advising And Career Center Offices To Better Serve Students
  • Create Career Readiness Certificate For Faculty Advisors
Expanded Student Success Initiatives

Key Strategic Activities

  • Establish New Student Seminar For Freshmen Students
  • Audit Current Sophomore Year Programming
  • Increase Academic Collaboration With Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Eliminate Scheduling Practices And Class Offerings That Are Not Student-Centered
  • Create Annual Workshop For Faculty And Staff Emphasizing Strategies To Increase Student Success
Investing In Flexible Academic Programs

Key Strategic Activities

  • Onboard Dean Of Innovation, Adult, And Graduate Studies
  • Launch Microcredentials, Badges, And Stackable Certifications
  • Explore Creation Of A Come To Believe Two-Year College At St. Ambrose
Strategic Enrollment Planning

Key Strategic Activities

  • Audit And Expand Enrollment Pipelines
  • Identify And Accelerate Targeted Programs Matching External Needs
  • Review And Enhance The Student Campus Experience
  • Audit Internal Recruitment Processes

So, what's next?

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